Twitter: Share What You Had For Lunch?


Where are you, and what are you doing right now? Hurry, Share it on Twitter!!! This is what the masses think about Twitter- a place to share trivial facts about your current whereabouts, what you had for lunch, or the severity of your case of the Bieber Fever. Go ahead and broadcast every minute detail of your everyday experiences, but that’s not what Twitter is all about.

Well, let me ask you this. How often do you check your Facebook? Are you the person that just waits for those cute red notification boxes to pop up? Or are you scrolling up and down the news feed looking for something interesting that a friend shared. Facebook is a great place to discover new YouTube videos, as it seems like any time there is an awesome video that hasn’t gone viral, it becomes a race between your friends to be the first one to share the link. You can also find those wicked deals on sites like Groupon that your friends have shared, and every so often, you’ll find a link to delightful articles or blog posts.

The web is a big place, and there is so much stuff to browse. When there are tools like Facebook that provide a place for your friends to share things they like and often what you might enjoy, it makes the quick-entertainment-fix during your work or study break so much easier. The thing is, not everything that your friends share are interesting, not to you at least. Some people even go overboard and share way too many things which clutter up your feed, and that’s just annoying.

You can think of Twitter like a scrolling news ticker on CNN, or ESPN or on any sports channel. As Twitter says it, “Twitter is the best way to discover what’s new in your world”

The news clips shared on twitter are called tweets. They are always short (which have at maximum of 140 characters), easy to skim, up to date, and updated constantly- making Twitter a good place to get your news. The best part is, you get to control what kind of information gets displayed in your news feed by selecting the people you want to get updates from- or in twitter lingo, from the people who you are following.

Celebrities and professional athletes have a big presence on twitter and it’s always entertaining to see what they are up to, like where Charlie Sheen is or what he is rambling about. If you are witty enough to craft a funny tweet directed at celebrity, they may even respond back or share your comment with all their fans. Some people tweet motivational quotes, random funny comments. Personally, I love all the links to articles and useful blog posts that are shared by the people I am following. These tweets always have a brief description and provide the link to the article.

Here are a few of the people I am following, and some samples of their tweets.

This is the mother ship of all social media, tech and digital news. The top resource and guide for all things web.

Apple’s Plan for a World Without Wires –


An online magazine for professional Web designers and developers. I am into web design and smashing magazine is a great resource.

Very nice read: Unlucky people miss chance opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else –


A Wide Receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. He is one of my favorite athletes – He even plays video games with this fans!

Stop sending me messages and trying to chat people,just invite me to a game and let the ass whooping resume #FIFA (Estaban 85)


Using new technology can be confusing, and many times I hear people saying they “don’t get twitter” and that’s why they don’t use it. There is more to twitter than being a hub for news, but If you are new user, this would be a good way to get into it.

  • Larry

    Twitter is also a great business tool! Companies use it for news releases, networking and customer service (ie. Telus, Best Buy and WestJet).

  • Michael Tchao

    A great tool! Last year, Skype had a great promotion on twitter- they got users to tweet their favorite features for entry into a draw for an $1500 gift card for Apple. talk about a win win.

  • Andrew Kohlgrueber

    I also like the live tweeting of events, like the election debate and hockey games.

    • Michael Tchao

      getting updates for sports games on twitter are awesome especially when you don’t have access to a computer/tv!